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About Us

[row][span5][h2][colored]///[/colored] The Platform[/h2][h3]Multi-Screen Multi-Channel[/h3]

Audiences continue to splinter across a myriad of new devices and applications as content consumption shifts to a multi-screen and multi-channel world. By the end of 2012, there will be more connected devices than humans on the planet and by 2016, two-thirds of global traffic on connected devices will be video. The constant fragmentation of audiences and evolving digital landscape demands a new platform approach in order to “re-aggregate” these audiences onto a single platform – making it easier for marketers to reach their consumers at scale.

Our Digital Distribution Platform reaches into the lives of nearly 1 billion consumers by being integrated into those consumers’ PC, Mobile, Tablets and their connected TVs. Adconion’s reach spans the entire marketing funnel, providing cross-channel targeting of video, email, display and social ads. With over $60m invested in our proprietary technology platform we’ve created one of the only unified platforms enabling marketers to reach consumers through the entire lifecycle from awareness to conversion. Because of this, we are able to optimize delivery across multiple platforms and utilize audience insights in real time to increase performance and ROI for our clients.

Seven in ten CMO’s said a major goal is cross platform ROI but this is seen as elusive objective because integration can be such a challenge. We’re providing the next evolution in digital solutions.

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[row][span5][h2][colored]///[/colored] THE FOUNDATION[/h2][h3]DDP & Proprietary DMP Technology[/h3]

The DDP is powered by our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) technology which transforms significant data into audience segments, insights and optimization that help our marketers and content partners to provide more relevant experiences for their audiences. The DMP platform collects data on 50+billion events per month and continuously evolves the actionable insights as audiences consume and interact with media across multiple devices, websites and applications.

The DDP connects brands to the right user on the right device at the right time in the marketing and sales process. Our significant investment of over $60m into this proprietary technology platform allowed us to develop one of the only unified platforms for targeting, searching and optimizing across digital, email, social, mobile and video. The platform is architected to integrate new ad formats, apps, and devices. Already the platform is integrated with more than 59 apps across 7 mobile platforms and 35 apps across 27 Connected TV platforms.

This global platform is serving ads in more than 120 countries with 700+ Adconion employees operating in more than 20 countries around the globe.

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[row][span6][h2][colored]///[/colored] OUR HERITAGE[/h2]

Since 2005, Adconion has leveraged technology to aggregate global audiences to bring massive reach and scale to its advertising partners. Since then the platform continues to evolve as audiences consume and interact with media across multiple devices, websites and applications. As a result, the Adconion DDP is collecting data on the 50+ billion events a month that take place across the platform. This data is ingested, mapped and segmented, providing Adconion with a 360° audience profile across one platform.[/span6][span6][h2][colored]///[/colored] GROWTH[/h2]

The platform was architected to be flexible, extensible and scalable. Our distribution channels have increased 400% since inception and within less than a decade our global presence has increased 900%. According to Comscore, our platform has scaled to the potential to reach nearly 1 billion unique users every month.

Proof of AMG’s success is seen in the 41% annual revenue increases in the past two years and the fact that 80% of the top 100 marketers currently use the platform to target their audience on a global scale. We serve our customers and partners with a support team of more than 700 people, located in 24 offices in 20 countries. [/span6][/row]


[row][span6][h2][colored]///[/colored] LEADERSHIP[/h2]

According to Comscore our platform has the potential to reach 958m unique users a month. We are the innovator on the frontier of multi-screen video advertising – with 70% of our video inventory being exclusive and making us the #1 independent video platform. Our multi-screen approach taps into the fact that online video advertising outperforms TV ads on general recall, brand recall, message recall and likeability – so we’re poised for continued success.

AMG is one of the largest Data Management Platforms in North America managing more premium data for Fortune 500 companies than any other platform. In addition, we have an experienced global analytics team of more than 100 people continuing to evolve our audience segmentation and targeting capabilities. Adconion’s DDP reaches more users in Australia than Google’s platform. In addition, the platform’s reach and scale is unprecedented in many of the European countries, such as Spain, where it has more reach than YouTube.[/span6][span6][h2][colored]///[/colored] COMPANY STRUCTURE[/h2]

Dedicated to strong partnerships with agencies and marketers, Adconion provides customized solutions and innovative products that are delivered across multiple screens on a single platform. As a digital platform and technology company, Adconion provides a portfolio of brand and performance solutions for advertisers worldwide. Adconion Media Group wholly owns Adconion Direct, providing performance solutions spanning display, email and social media; along with smartclip, the video and brand advertising platform specializing in multi-screen delivery.[/span6][/row]


[row][span6][h2][colored]///[/colored] OUR STRATEGY[/h2]Adconion covers the entire marketing funnel with dedicated experts to deliver maximum results for every campaign. Whether it’s brand or performance, we find the right audience. The digital distribution platform’s span from awareness to conversion and underlies the go-to-market strategies used by AMG’s brands.
[/span6][span6][h2][colored]///[/colored] PRODUCT PORTFOLIO[/h2]

Consumers’ behaviors are always evolving and as a result so does our product offering and distribution methodology. To drive users through the marketing funnel we’ve utilized our unique insights in data collection to more directly and intuitively target audiences across multiple channels and ad formats.

What a user does on social (“this is how I want to be perceived”), vs. display (“this is really what I do online”), vs. email (“I’m interested in these offers”), vs. mobile (“this is where I am located and what I search for”). Consumers digital behavior is not isolated so neither is our approach.[/span6][/row]